Born from water.


Water has always been part of me. I started swimming in a competitive team from a very young age. Could live this sport in a constant performance improvement and competitive point of view. Hardship and perseverance were the values I was sticked to. This long phase - that finished as an adult - provided me intense learnings, victories and losses; but did not fed my passion for swimming.


In the meantime, surfing and diving made my love for the ocean grow and allowed me to enjoy it in a peaceful way. But It was not since a professional opportunity that showed up with Radikal Swim when a paradigm change took place. I could really experience outdoor swimming in an unprecedented context and discovered that it can be something deeper from what I had learnt before: Freedom, nature connection, solidarity, adventure, adrenaline, aliveness and peace of mind. Sharing this feelings and meanings with other people, I realized that outdoor swimming happens to be a lifestyle that puts people together and creates teams.


This approach has also made me able to connect this passion with my interest in photography and, in return of a lifetime full of shared experiences and learnings, I want to show you the display of photos related to this universe. The one I appreciate the most.

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